Palatine – Lonelyland – 2019 – 05:00 – MP3 – (BE-R99-19-00005)

LONELYLAND is the sixth album produced by Pierre Clemens. Having started his experiments at the age of 13, he came, at almost fifty, to the production of these eight titles, not as an outcome but as a step in a creative sound journey. “Lonelyland” evokes the solitude of creation, the permanent choices in a work in perpetual questioning or the birth of inspiration. Coming from the world of visual arts, he retains a concern for the image, which punctuates this “non-music”, at the crossroads of musical, noisy and atonal genres. Without choosing a period chapel, he allows himself the contradiction of his tastes and a permanent, insatiable curiosity. Discovering, through the encounters, lines of very diverse artistic choices, he feels like the crossroads of these different creative options. He keeps the echoes of his sensitivity and gives us here, a promising opus because nourished by many encounters and diverse influences, which prefigures others.

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